Episode 1 Air Date: April 27, 9:30 PM, Channel 57 Time Warner, 83 RCN

EPISODE 1 of a new cable access show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

Featuring live performances and video by:

Dana Bell

Colby Bird

Elbis Rever


Kate Gilmore


Katrina Lamb

Derek Larson

Erica Magrey

Rachel Mason

Sam Mickens

Bradford Nordeen

Andre Perkowski

Jonathan Phelps

Sophia Peer

Andrew Steinmetz

Jennifer Sullivan

Brian Zegeer

Kunsole, 2011

Erica Magrey


Elbis Rever

Ganjatronics (Doron Sadja / Justin Craun)

Kate Gilmore

"The Dust Up" with Sam Mickens

Rachel Mason / Little Band of Sailors

Elbis Rever (photo by Nick Normal)

Third Meaning Commercial, By Dana Bell (photo by Nick Normal)