“32,000 Light Brigade, FistFighting, or How I Came Back to”

New Work by Rebecca Gaffney, featuring performances by Enoch: A.L.N.

October 22-November 2

Opening Reception Friday, October 22, 7-11
Closing show at Secret Project Robot, November 3

New Work by Rebecca Gaffney featuring Mirror-Video Church Installation, performances by Enoch: A.L.N. and sound installation by Rebecca and Eric Hubel.

Opening performances by Enoch: A.L.N. (Rebecca Gaffney, Michael Mahalchick, Jon Williams, Jon Winfield Nicholson, Chris Anderson, Todd Pendu, Wolfgang Mayer)

“Experiments in teleportation/transnegotiation, elation, mountaineers, and l-t rotations strikingly shining and sh-t…”

Bring sunglasses. If you forget, we’ve got you covered.

Several performances and events will take place at neighboring locales during the run of this show, culminating in a final jam at Secret Project Robot in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Rebecca Gaffney is a Brooklyn based artist working primarily in video, sculpture, and improvised music. She is obsessed with out of phase strobelight, aerial views, reflections and amplifying the ephemeral qualities of light and sound waves. Enoch A.L.N. is her project with Michael Mahalchick,  Jon WIlliams, and a rotating cast of chums.  Rebecca and Enoch has performed at and curated work for CANADA Gallery and at BronxArtSpace in NYC and St. Cecilia’s Convent and Monkeytown (R.I.P.) in Brooklyn. Upcoming exhibitions for Rebecca/Enoch include shows with Art Fag City’s “Sound of Art”, Pendu Gallery and Secret Project Robot.

Above photo by Nathan Cearly