Organs In The Snow

A Group Show

and Story by Rachel Mason

Sept 30 – Oct 24 , open by appointment, email

Opening Reception: Sept 30, 8 – 11 pm
Dan Asher / John Baldessari / Michael G. Bauer / Michael Bilsborough / Nancy deHoll / Jen Denike / Tim Dowse / Ellie Ga / Laleh Khorramian / Jason Lazarus / Mamiko Otsubo / Samuel White

Opening Night Performances:
Thank You Rosekind, Doom Trumpet, No Sky God, Mark Golamco

With special episode of E.S.P. TV featuring videos as seen in the show. Airing on MNN Manhattan Cable Access TV, date tba.

(Photograph by Jason Lazarus)

Part I

She was a lion sitting on her dad’s shoulders. They formed a totem of two heads, one large, one small as they walked down the street. Powerful with her lion-painted face, she stuck her tongue out at a man passing by. He tripped on the side of his foot and then fell to the ground.

The girl’s father didn’t realize that his daughter scared the man, causing him to fall. The man already had a fear of children. The girl’s father also didn’t realize that had he reached his hand out to help, the man wouldn’t now have two permanent rods conjoined in his hip bone, and wouldn’t have lapsed into a permanent hallucinatory state from which he’d never recover.

Organs in the snow.

Were they his or did they belong to someone else? Maybe they were donated with good intentions by a victim of a motorcycle accident but were then discovered to be diseased, so they were thrown out.

Organs aren’t supposed to be discarded like this. They’re supposed to be contained in red biohazard boxes. How unceremonious. Why is this fragment of a person lying here, just wasting in the snow?

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